7 Scripting Phone Scripts

Scripts don’t work – people do.

I personally believe in scripts. And I’ve come to the conclusion that they should be parameters not perimeters. A parameter is a guideline and a perimeter is a boundary. When a Telemarketer reads a script in a robotic-like fashion with no thought of context, process or structure, they create a huge boundary between themselves and their client that diminishes any chance of building rapport.

A good script should be rehearsed to the point that it is almost autonomous. In that way the majority of one’s focus can be placed on the client and how he or she is processing, rather than just the content of the script.

If you’re responsible for writing a script you may consider having separate ones for each of the modalities. At the very least you should mix the predicates to make the content more charismatic.

For an excellent example of a script please consider investing in “How to make Appointments by Telephone” by Body Language Guru and Master Presenter, Mr Allan Pease. Use Allan’s script with a knowledge of ‘how to stay in process’ and you will never have a challenge with making an appointment with a prospect again.


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